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Every dollar you donate enables Kiski Valley Food Bank to collect and distribute more precious food through its food distribution program.

You can donate by phone, send a donation via U.S. mail, or donate securely online.

Thank you for helping Kiski Valley Food Bank eliminate hunger ... because no one should go hungry.

Thank You!
May 2016

Please join the Kiski Valley Food Bank to patronize and extend appreciation to these contributing businesses, vendors and organizations for the month of May 2016:

Residents of:
West Leechburg

Naser Foods
Naser Foods, Apollo

Clark Candies
Clark Candies, Tarentum

Community Supermarket & its employees,
Lower Burrell

G and G Restaurant,


Byers Taxi and Busing


Held's Shop 'N Save
North Apollo

King's Family Restaurant,
Hyde Park

Grace Community Church
Grace Community Church, Vandergrift Heights

View complete contributors list here.

True Stories

Creative Gifts

Retirement Party Blesses Many
Retirement parties can be a great blessing. People often bring gifts to honor someone and celebrate their years of service,. But Kiski Valley Food Bank was honored when Lisa (not her real name) decided to bless her husband another way. Her husband Steve (not his real name) was retiring and she was holding a party for him. Rather than ask their guests to bring gifts for her husband, Lisa asked them to bring groceries for a local food bank. Their guests brought over 40 bags of groceries! Lisa and Steve's selfless gift blessed many families in need across the Kiski Valley.

This creative gift helped put food on the table of families in our region. It's one of many ways families are generous to their neighbors through the Kiski Valley Food Bank. Families and local merchants in Apollo, Leechburg, Vandergrift, Allegheny, Washington, Kiski, and Burrell Township as well as Lower burrell go all out to help us help others. They put food on their porches for us, drop food in our bins at grocery stores, hold food drives for us, donate funds, buy raffle tickets, collect food from their farms and gardens, and put money in our collection jugs.

 What a great thing to see during this troubled time in our economy--neighbors helping neighbors, families helping families! It is truly our honor at Kiski Valley Food Bank to be a part of this. Thank you for all your help!



The Challenges of the Day

All of us face hard times sometimes. We all know what it is like to make that dollar stretch just a little further. That's why we were encouraged by a letter we received from one of the families you help each month. We hope it encourages you as well.

 Thank you so much for the donation of food from the food bank! Many of you will never know how grateful some of us are. After 30 years of hard work, we ended up with a $600 retirement and a 3 day-a-week part-time job just to get by, so the food you donate is greatly appreciated. After the mortgage & the bills are paid it is hard to feed a family of five. So thank you, thank you, thank you so very much. With your help, it makes it a whole lot better and easier to face the challenges of the day.

Sincerely Grateful for your Loving Generosity,

Name Withheld

Local families right around the corner need your help. Please contribute to the Kiski Valley Food Bank.


When The Flood Came
Lou works hard to provide a modest living for his family, which includes not only his wife and several children, but also his son and his family. Theirs is a large but loving household. But recently, through no fault of their own, the family's monthly revenue was temporarily cut from several incomes to one. It was nearly an 80% reduction in the family's monthly pay. Though it was a temporary cut, there were 3 complications: the temporary cut had no end in sight; one family member was now also facing a major surgery, and the one income was now in some question due to the recession affecting that particular job. The drastic reduction in the family's income left barely enough for them to keep a roof over their heads, much less pay for food.
     Because many across the local area gave of their own resources, the Kiski Valley Food Bank was able to assist the household for several months until the temporary cutbacks ceased and the family began to get caught up on long past due bills. Though the recession is still ongoing across the world, everyone is back to work in the family, and the family member who had the major surgery recovered and is back to work as well.
     Adversity, like rain, is a part of life. But sometimes the rains become a flood that seems to never end. Kiski Valley Food Bank is honored to be able to throw a life preserver to families such as Lou's. And because of local donors and volunteers like you, these families have help to keep their head above water.

You can help local families and individuals today. Think about contributing to the Kiski Valley Food Bank.

A Helping Hand In A Hard Season
Brad recently had his hours cut where he worked. His previous salary was barely enough to make ends meet. Brad works hard to provide a life for himself and his son, Taylor, who had some serious medical issues. Now, with his income seriously depleted, he would be facing hard choices, such as whether to pay rent or buy groceries. Through generous gifts from contributors, the Kiski Valley Food Bank was able to help Brad and Taylor through several months of their crisis. Brad's work hours have been slightly increased of late and he hopes to get back on his feet soon.
   Getting back on your feet is not easy in the middle of a global recession but thanks to local contributors and volunteers, families like Brad's have a helping hand.

Take action today to help local families and individuals. Consider contributing to the Kiski Valley Food Bank.


Zach Henley
Zach Henley, KVFB Volunteer

Always Time to Help Others
Zach Henley, a Kiski Area High School graduate now in the Navy, had very little free time in his schedule. But between school dramatic productions, school work, sports and church youth activities he made sure to find time to help Kiski Valley Food Bank. According to Zach, "There's always time to help others in need." Some days Zach distributed flyers for neighborhood food drives; other days he helped assemble emergency food packages; moved food from storage to assembly areas, then following guidelines to select foods for families, and packages them for delivery. He rarely saw the faces of those he helps; but he helped them anyway and did it gladly with a big smile on his face. The reward to Zach is knowing he helped put food on the table of another struggling family. There is always time for that.



A Good Work :
Volunteering to the service of others in needs one of the most
satisfying things any individual can do. It brings a great reward to the heart of the volunteer to see the joy and relief in the faces of people who find themselves coming up a bit short every month when the food parcels arrive. A single mother with five growing children who just lost her home. An elderly woman struggling to keep her home on a very limited fixed income. Everyone has a true story. And every story has a face of gratitude when food arrives at the door. Our faithful volunteers return from each food delivery greatly impacted by the face-to-face involvement with those in need. It is a good work that changes lives on both ends.

Take action today to help local families and individuals. Consider contributing to the Kiski Valley Food Bank.

Be watching here every month for their true stories.