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Every dollar you donate enables Kiski Valley Food Bank to collect and distribute more precious food through its food distribution program.

You can donate by phone, send a donation via U.S. mail, or donate securely online.

Thank you for helping Kiski Valley Food Bank eliminate hunger ... because no one should go hungry.

Thank You!
May 2016

Please join the Kiski Valley Food Bank to patronize and extend appreciation to these contributing businesses, vendors and organizations for the month of May 2016:

Residents of:
West Leechburg

Naser Foods
Naser Foods, Apollo

Clark Candies
Clark Candies, Tarentum

Community Supermarket & its employees,
Lower Burrell

G and G Restaurant,


Byers Taxi and Busing


Held's Shop 'N Save
North Apollo

King's Family Restaurant,
Hyde Park

Grace Community Church
Grace Community Church, Vandergrift Heights

View complete contributors list here.

Take Action

Donate Funds

Donate by phone: 1 - 724 - 610 - 2037

Donate via U.S.Mail to:

Kiski Valley Food Bank
P.O. Box 178
Vandergrift, PA 15690

Donate Online:

All donations are tax deductible.

Donate Food
Do you have food to contribute ? Contact Kiski Valley Food Bank. Whether it's a few bags, hundreds of pounds or truckloads. Fresh, canned, dehydrated or frozen. You drop it off, or we pick it up. If you have safe, edible food or a food ingredient, we can probably find a way to use it. We do value nutrition and care about convenience. We naturally prefer high-value foods that people can easily use. But whatever you have, please contact us so we can work together to make the best possible use of all of the food resources in our communities.

Kiski Valley Food Bank needs donations of nutritious, shelf-stable, packaged food:
Canned vegetables, fruits and meats
Macaroni and cheese
Nonfat dry milk
Cooking oils

Dry beans, peanut butter and nearly any form of meat.
Cheese is also high in protein and makes a tasty addition to many meals.

Healthy breakfast foods:
Pancake mix
Nonfat dry milk
Breakfast bars
Canned Fruit / Fruit Juices

Consider the foods that make your own life more pleasant.

Seasonal needs:

November: Thanksgiving dinner foods
December: Christmas dinner foods
April: Easter dinner foods

For food donations please phone: 1 - 724 - 610 - 2037

Good Samaritan law protects donors
The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan law, a federal statute, offers protection to anyone who donates food in good faith to a food bank or gleaning organization, should anyone who eats the food become ill.

Donate Goods and Services
Many families and individuals who cannot afford proper amounts of food also lack funds for many of the goods and services that most of us take for granted. Consider contributing such items and services as:

Hair Styling / Hair Cuts / and other salon services
Dental services
Medical related services and goods
Personal hygiene goods and services
Financial and Insurance counseling services
Tax services
Job search and resume' services
Legal services
Pet care services
Home care & repair services
Yard care services
Computers and computing services
... and any goods or services that you may believe useful...

For goods and services donations please phone:
1 - 724 - 610 - 2037

Volunteers make the Kiski Valley Food Bank work. Consider volunteering in any of the following ways offering your time or professional services:

As an individual
As a group of individuals
As a family
As a business or group of employees
As a corporation
As an organization
As a school club

We especially need local groups, businesses, organizations and clubs to help us raise funds. If you have a fundraiser idea or would like to place a money can at your location please call. Here are a few ideas for consideration:

Sponsor an event or program
Workplace or location giving
A matching gifts program
Run a food drive
Sponsor a seasonal event (Christmas dinner, Easter dinner etc.)

The Kiski Valley Food Bank can supply a variety of posters and flyers to help you promote food drives and fundraisers.

To volunteer please phone: 1 - 724 - 610 - 2037

Thank you for making a difference today!

All donations are tax deductible.